The long-term implications of masks and quarantine


On The Perry Precedents twitter, a poll was taken. This poll determined which area masks would stay the longest in.

COVID-19 has changed many activities this year, all of our lives have changed. Masks have become mandatory in everything we do, school has been both online and in-person, work for others has been based online, and the list goes on. However, once everything has calmed down, and the coronavirus has been taken care of, will all of these regulations stick, or will it go away?

COVID-19 was completely new and different for everyone in the world, with completely new rules, one of the biggest adjustments being masks. Wearing masks for both children and adults was challenging, but as the time goes on, it seems to be a little easier now for some. Teenagers especially have had a hard time adjusting to this change in their teenage years. 

Many teenagers used to hang out in large groups of people and were constantly going out and about, guilt free, and without a mask. Once the regulations began, their world changed drastically. Quarantine spread out throughout the world, with everyone having to stay home, and if you were exposed, you had to self-isolate. 

Self-isolating is no fun, it feels like eternity for teenagers. Our world went from partying and hanging out with friends 24/7 to spending time alone in your home until the death numbers from the coronavirus went down. Our moods and motivation plummeted, and it really damaged our health. Unfortunately this was mandatory until everything got better. 

In many places, there are less death numbers, and many do not have to quarantine or self-isolate, as the numbers are so low. Eventually, the state of Arizona will get there. When everything does become back to normal, what will stay and what will go?

Masks are used everywhere we go, but since they are more sanitary, who knows how long they will stay mandatory. In the restaurant business, masks have created a greater standard for sanitation. The mask blocks anything from falling from a workers mouth, into the customers food, and prevents any bacteria from going on to a customer or the food while talking and working. 

This is also the case with airports, it is possible airports will keep masks mandatory for the workers and the people flying, since there are so many people in the airport and it makes it more sanitary. If they do stay mandatory in airports, will they be mandatory inside planes as well or will it be different in an airplane? Only time will tell.

Another major difference with the pandemic is making everything online. School has been balancing between online and in person, and work has been mostly online. Companies have discovered that being in person is not necessary anymore, instead online is better and easier. Meetings can be held over a zoom call, and work can be done at an at home computer or a company computer at home. 

Over time everyone will see what ends up happening after the coronavirus calms down, and exactly what is done.