Corona college applications


Makayla Premo

Applications for several different colleges surround a computer which has a welcome page from the college ASU. As time narrows down, students begin a more frequent search for applying to colleges.

In these times as a senior, applying to colleges is a little bit different than how it used to be when COVID-19 did not exist. As the time is dwindling down towards graduation, I know many seniors are beginning their application process for college. 

A majority of seniors are applying for colleges, in a rush to write the college essays and answer the questions that seem to cover every aspect of your life. It can be stressful sometimes, worrying about getting in or wondering if what you put on your application is good enough. 

During the pandemic, many colleges have converted to online forums, so when it comes to reaching high school seniors, they are not meeting in person or offering in-person school tours, instead they are doing it online through a pre-recorded video or zoom calls. It is unfortunate that this is the case, as seniors miss out on the opportunity to feel like they are really getting the feel for college as they look to apply. 

The content in the application for colleges has not changed from previous years. This can be a relief for some students so there is not much of a change in that aspect. However with the requirements for the applications, quite a few things have changed. 

In a lot of colleges, mostly in-state, the SAT and ACT test scores are not required for an acceptance at colleges. Seniors can still turn them in of course, but it will not negatively affect their rate of acceptance, it can be a slight boost however. For some students that may not be the best test takers but have great grades, this is some news that will help them feel less stressed. 

Colleges are also discussing how the students affected with money will be handling the large amount of money college takes from families. Colleges are aware that many families are struggling from the pandemic, and many are discussing helping the students that need assistance with finances. This is a kind gesture by the colleges, and a helping hand to the families that need it. 

Seniors everywhere are accepting the change in the world and with colleges, and are doing the best they can to do their best and be the best they can be through these difficult times.