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College visits during class hours raise concerns among students

College visits during class hours raise concerns among students

Taylor Relvas, A/E Editor December 7, 2023

As the college application season continues, as usual, representatives from various institutions, eager to introduce their campuses and programs to prospective students, are welcomed to campus. However,...

A breakdown of In-State College costs compared to Out-of-State tuition. High school seniors are faced with choosing where they want to attend, and cost plays a big factor.

Is it worth it?-College cost breakdown

Lauren Ludwig, Editor-In-Chief March 2, 2022

The ACT and SAT are often described as the end all be all of getting into college along with GPA. With colleges no longer taking test scores, the tests may be on their way out.

Standardized testing: worth it or not?

Tyler Blandin, Opinion Editor March 2, 2022

Is there even a point in taking the SAT or ACT anymore? In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many colleges and universities made test scores optional for applicants. This policy is still in place for...

Students volunteer to get service hours for college. But do those hours morally count if you are doing it for alternative reasons.

Service or self-serving

Meghan McGowan, Photo Editor December 1, 2021

Getting into college is no easy task. Students must have good grades, extra curricular activities, letters of recommendation, and service hours to impress college admissions. But when volunteering is done,...

Combatting college anxiety

Combatting college anxiety

Tyler Blandin, Website Director November 1, 2021

College: a word that strikes fear into the hearts of every senior across the nation. It brings to mind visions of a new life, one full of coursework and deadlines and midterms and a billion other stressors....

Junior Ava Jorgensen hits a handstand directly on top of the bar in her uneven bar routine. Jorgensen has been a level 10 since 2018 which is the highest level of the Developmental, previously known as Junior Olympic, Program.

Gymnast builds promising future in college career

Sabrina Digne and Derek Fernandez September 20, 2021

Over summer, junior Ava Jorgensen verbally committed to Brigham Young University on a full-ride athletic scholarship. Jorgensen has been a gymnast for 12 years, and despite all the struggles she has faced...

Nadine films the final episode on the @phsprecedent IGTV series Lets Talk About Food With Nadine, where she cooks two dishes: special ramen and college rice. These two dishes are not only easy to make, but quick too, making it a great recipe to know for college.

Two easy recipes to master before heading off to college

Nadine Loureiro, Editor-in-Chief May 14, 2021

With the end of the school year a few weeks away, seniors face the ongoing dilemma that college is right around the corner, coming with the promise of fun and responsibilities alike. Within the responsibilities...

As spring progresses, college results have come out in waves, ranging from the beginning of March to the beginning of April. Most likely due to the removal of standardized tests, there has been a large increase in college applications, which in turn made getting in much harder than before.

With removal of standardized test requirements, college application rates increase

Nadine Loureiro, Editor-in-Chief April 1, 2021

College letters are being sent out to students worldwide, carrying news of rejection, acceptance, or the middle ground: the waitlist. With the pandemic’s prominent presence in 2020, the class of 2021...

When taking a gap year there are various pros and cons in the decision making process. One of the pros being increased knowledge gain and one con being losing the motivation to go back to school.

As seniors prepare for their future, the consideration for a gap year increases

January 28, 2021

For many seniors, right now is the time to submit college applications for next year. While most application deadlines are in March, students most likely have an idea of where they want to go, and what...

College processes going online with the pandemic proves to be a new challenge for seniors: Virtual tours are less personal and standardized tests are harder to take.

New normal for seniors: college processes online

Ashlyn Miner, News Editor January 28, 2021

  Preparing for college is exciting but at the same time, stressful considering the setbacks associated with the pandemic. This year, it is more challenging to tour college campuses, earn scholarships,...

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