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A student in an empty classroom showing a numerous amount of absences. During this new school year, the school administration stresses the importance of attending school.

Attending new school year

Sameer Kabir, Staff Reporter August 4, 2023

The new school year has started and attendance is as important as ever. A big struggle for several students is the motivation to attend school. Despite this, attending school is vital to improving academic...

Caption: With temperatures soaring, some students feel like they’re melting. With record high temperatures, the effects of this have been even worse than normal.

Students and Staff Trying to Beat the heat

Taylor Relvas, A/E, Reviews, Web Editor July 28, 2023

At the beginning of the school year, the students and staff were hopefully anticipating the cool comfort of air conditioning as they returned to school for another academic year. However, the aging AC...

StuGo prepares signs to welcome back students on campus. They posted the signs in the cafeteria with each students name written on a sheet of paper.

Class presidents: who they are and what they do

Lexi Amaro, News Editor August 26, 2022

Known for their involvement in school dances, spirit weeks, and assemblies, StuGo may not seem to be making a daily impact, but they are involved in the daily runnings on campus. At every event, class...

Student gets a computer from new One-to-one initiative. This initiative gives students in need computers to use for school.

Upgrades people, upgrades

Jackson Bergholz, Reviews Editor August 14, 2022

  One-to-one, CUSD’s newest initiative, is giving everyday students a computer to complete their school activities. This initiative will allow students to do homework, join Google Meets, and...

Senior Lukas Aldrich sorts his chips in preparation for a game of roulette in his AP Statistics class taught by Thomas Rothery.

AP testing, what’s next?

Lexi Amaro, Staff Reporter May 13, 2022

After spending the entire year studying for the AP test, students have begun to wonder, what comes next? Teachers across campus have projects following the test in order to keep the curriculum going despite...

Students save teens from car fire

Students save teens from car fire

Lexi Amaro, Staff Reporter March 26, 2022

On Mar. 9, juniors Jeremy Sprague, Matthew Carillo, and Tyler Berger were driving to Berger’s house to pick up a guitar when they saw a car on fire on the side of the road. Carillo was driving around...

Yearbook students finalize their spreads for the deadline.

Insight on Yearbook

Lexi Amaro, Staff Reporter March 11, 2022

Yearbooks act as a time-machine to the past. Almost everyone can recall feelings of nostalgia when opening their yearbook. They can remember going through their parents' yearbooks and hearing old stories;...

The Good. The Bad. and The Copper won best in show at the Cactus Collective. It is currently on display at Scottsdale Fasion Square.

Sculpture wins Cactus Collective

Lexi Amaro, Staff Reporter March 11, 2022

The Cactus Collective, put together by Scottsdale Fashion Square and Scottsdale Arts, is commemorating the five Cs’ of Arizona— copper, cattle, cotton, climate, and citrus— through a sculpture contest...

Decristofaro prepares to attend another day of filming on the MasterChef Latinos set.

Decristofaro’s experiences on Latin cooking show

Lexi Amaro, Staffer February 28, 2022

After six weeks of filming, art teacher Lorena Decristofaro has finished filming the TV show, MasterChef Latinos, for EstrellaTV.  Aired on Feb. 10, MasterChef Latinos is a competitive cooking show taking...

Girl Scouts find support and community through a female-only space. Clare Hale and Bridget Hale hug their fellow Girl Scout in their uniforms.

Girl Scouts find community through acts of service

Lexi Amaro, Staffer February 28, 2022

It is Girl Scout season once again as shown by the crazed students begging for a box of thin mints. Although Girl Scouts may be infamous for their cookies and the friendly little girls selling them, many...

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