Counterpoint: Is it worth the risk?

Senior year is undoubtedly the most memorable year of a person’s life. When asking someone about high school, more often than not, senior year is the time recalled. Though, for the class of 2020, their memory of senior year is going to be much different than everyone else.

Instead of pretty Prom pictures or laughing about senior ditch day, the class of 2020 will reminisce on fighting for toilet paper and making sure to stay six feet away from strangers at all times. As interesting it will be to look back on, it is also something that saddens many of the seniors. Missing out on the last portion of the year, the portion which is considered to hold the most memories is not ideal.

Things like Prom, spirit week, the last assembly, ditch day, and most of all, graduation is all irreplaceable recollections. All of which the seniors of 2020 will not be getting.

It is because of this that many wish to reschedule these events for a later date. Though, pushing these events back into the summer is not always the best way to go.

“Yeah, if the state actually opens up during the summer, then most of it is going to revolve around planning for university,” explains Senior, Hannah Hayes.

Along with this, the CDC has already said that opening up too early can be a recipe for disaster. Even while the business aspect of the U.S. may open as early as May 15, unnecessary big group gatherings should still be discouraged for the next few months. In other words, events such as Prom or even graduation would be a large risk.

“As much as I want my graduation, I would rather not risk further spreading COVID-19 and potentially getting it myself,” Senior, Taylor Greco said.

While social distancing regulations may loosen, it is still wise to be wary and not take needless chances. 

More than just Perry; however, rescheduling these types of senior events would be a district-wide issue. A matter which all schools would need to agree on. Venues would once again need to be booked and other commodities would need to be planned out. Overall, it is a lot of work to try and frame within two months.

Even then, the seniors in question would have other pre-planned summer events to attend. Further than just the odd vacation, colleges have orientations, tours, and other events happening throughout the summer.

As of now, the district has announced on its website that, “all school-related events… with the exception of graduation, will be canceled.”

Graduation is a whole different scenario if graduation ends up being postponed it would also push back the date in which seniors receive their diplomas. In doing this, this may affect certain people’s plans after high school as, without a diploma, there are not as many options.

However, that is only if graduation ends up being postponed, and as of now, it is scheduled to go on as normal.

Nevertheless, as much as some wish for these events to happen, it may just be a bit too much. It might just be time for the seniors to move on to the bigger and better things that come after high school.