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Counterpoint: Is it worth the risk?

Counterpoint: Is it worth the risk?

Jalyn Knight, Staff Reporter

May 4, 2020

Senior year is undoubtedly the most memorable year of a person’s life. When asking someone about high school, more often than not, senior year is the time recalled. Though, for the class of 2020, their memory of senior year is going to be much different than everyone else. Instead of pretty Prom...

College athlete compensation

Students Ryne Edmondson and Emma Fernandez demonstrate the struggles of college athletes.

Ryne Edmondson, Staff Writer

May 20, 2014

The main question plaguing college athletics today is where the boundary between receiving earned money and being given free money is. It’s a very grey topic to discuss, and many conflicting arguments are involved in the discussion. It would be hard to miss the presence of the National Collegiate...

Point/Counterpoint: Should college athletes get paid to play?

Point/Counterpoint: Should college athletes get paid to play?

Emma Fernandez, Staff Writer

May 20, 2014

  Many college athletes argue that they should get paid because their dedication to the sport consumes any time they could spend working. However, the money that employed students and non-athletes receive from their paycheck typically goes towards college expenses like meal plans, tuition, room...

College: smaller schools benefit with sense of community

Lani Dekker, Features Editor

May 22, 2013

High school is quickly coming to a close for seniors this year. The hustle and bustle of graduation, college scouting and finishing last minute applications has had some students thinking “where do I want to go?” When picking colleges, something one should keep in mind the size of the school. Many ...

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