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Counterpoint: Is it worth the risk?

Counterpoint: Is it worth the risk?
May 4, 2020

Senior year is undoubtedly the most memorable year of a person’s life. When asking someone about high school, more often than not, senior year is the time recalled. Though, for the class of 2020, their...

Implications behind Morpchella theme

Implications behind Morpchella theme
The Coachella music festival is known for its welcoming atmosphere, larger-than-life outfits, and music genres being united for two weekends. However, the concert has gained a fair amount of controversy in the past few years, and it is important to understand how the implications of Coachella reflect on morp.
February 13, 2020

As a whole, StuGo has been thoughtful and cautious about the themes they have chosen for events such as morp, prom, and homecoming. However, with the new Coachella theme announced this year for morp, it...

Dressing for prom spirit week

Dressing for prom spirit week
April 23, 2017

Prom is just days away, and the halls are buzzing with excitement. Cheesy ‘promposals’ are popping up on every social media platform, and lines are forming out the bookstore to purchase tickets. This...

What to expect for the week of morp

What to expect for the week of morp
February 24, 2017

On March 4, Perry’s parking lot will be transformed from an everyday space to a kaleidoscope of colors. The ‘Color Craze’ morp dance is nearing closer, and along with it, a great deal of spirit....

A new and improved spirit week

A new and improved spirit week
November 27, 2016

Let me start off by saying that I try to get excited for spirit week, I really do. But when student government feeds us the same spirit week every quarter, it gets a little dull. Monday tends to start...

Connecting a community: Puma Nation unites together for a homecoming hurrah

September 7, 2016
How Homecoming acts as a right of passage for not just royalty but all students

Homecoming royalty: a tradition that unites the school

Everything you need to know about HC Royalty and Spirit Week
September 2, 2016

Homecoming is finally here - this is one of the biggest events in high school. It’s a time when students come together to celebrate their school. This whole week has been building up our school spirit...

School spirit needs to make a comeback

Staff Reporter Izzy Rozansky
November 19, 2015

High school is hard work, that is understandable. Homework, sitting in class for 5+ hours a day, finals, etc. So where can high schoolers have fun? By having school spirit, that is how. Participating in...

Winter Spirit Week Video

November 26, 2014

Spirit week is Dec. 8-12. The themes are: MONDAY: Pajamas TUESDAY: Crazy sweater WEDNESDAY: Grandparent gear THURSDAY: Beach wear FRIDAY: Red hot

Yates Hates: Lack of School Spirit variety

September 23, 2014

The quarter is drawing to a close. Students are either rushing to bring their grade up to an acceptable average just working to maintain their current grade or just breezing through their assignments when...

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