Theories we’re looking forward to in ‘Avengers Endgame’

Avengers: Endgame is the end of the third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or known as the MCU. After Avengers: Infinity War fans around the world had their jaw dropped to the floor when Thanos destroyed half of the population with a snap of his finger. With all Blockbusters movie comes a handful of theories varying from being possible to downright outrageous. Here are some relating to Avengers: Endgame. WARNING THIS MIGHT INCLUDE SPOILERS, SO DON’T GET MAD AT ME.


Captain America dies- The first one is hard to take a grasp of for any true Marvel fan who grew up on the First Avenger. Sadly the arrows are pointed at Capt dying. Chris Evans the man who plays Captain America’s contract ends with MCU after Endgame, therefore would be an opportunity to give him a heroic ending that he deserves.


Thanos goes to the Quantum Realm– Anyone who has seen Ant-Man knows that he has achieved the impossible, going to and back from the Quantum Realm. For people who do not know what the Quantum Realm is, it is a dimension that is only accessible by magic or becoming really really small really quick. People believe that Ant Man will find a way of getting into or holding onto thanos and shrinking to the quantum realm.


All the original Avengers will die- All the main Avengers Captain America, Iron Man and, Hulk have been in the spotlight since 2008 with Iron Man coming out. All the main Avengers are all phase three superheroes, with Spider-Man and Captain Marvel phase four superheroes. So Marvel will probably end the phase three superheroes and start up phase four with the “New Avengers”.


The Soul Stone will save the worlds– At the end of the last Avengers Thanos collected half of the world’s population in the soul stone, somehow the Avengers are going to get the people out of the Soul Stone and that will end Thanos, this could be a stretch but makes sense in away.


Captain Marvel will blast Thanos into a new solar system– For the people who saw Captain Marvel understands that she was created with the explosion of the Tesseract, Thanos has the stone from the Tesseract so she might use her immunity of the stone to fly Thanos up into the stars and never see him again.