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Banned books

A stack of books

A stack of books

Emma Kline

Emma Kline

A stack of books


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Literary classics being withheld from kids all over America because of mature content and adult themes seems a drastic way to control the youth. Many of theses books have been a crucial key to many other students’ education.

Banning books is not new but it is still very prominent. It has happened all over the world and all throughout time. The most concerning place it takes place in is in schools. Most books with a controversial topic has been banned from a school somewhere in America at some point, which is extremely disturbing.

Some parents are concerned with the material in certain books like To Kill a Mockingbird or Night. They argue the language is too vulgar and the themes are too adult for teenagers, but censorship blinds us from reality. These books teach us the harsh truths about history and what not to do.

Removing books like these that serve an educational purpose because they are too “adult” is only sheltering teens and making them less prepared for the real world. It seems adults are unsure what they want; they say teens need to act more mature but take away a valuable source of information that could advance our education.

As long as the book truly serves a purpose it should be taught in schools. These books were not written to say ignorant things, they were written to teach the dangers of ignorance. Ignorance like hating someone because of their race, religion, or sexual preference. We need to stop trying to sugar coat the world and try to make it better and accept the only way to evolve is to learn from our mistakes.

There is also the problem of extremism in banning books. For example, Harry Potter, Of Mice and Men, The Grapes of Wrath, even Where the Wild Things Are are on the list of banned books. That does not mean these books are banned in every school in the country that just means there is a school somewhere in America with parents sensitive enough to not want their kids to learn about magic or the imagination through books with excellent grammar that could further their children’s speaking and writing skills.

Books are important tools in educating adolescents. Not only are they a compelling way to teach difficult subjects but they are very successful. Teenagers are easily distracted so if there is a stimulating way of learning then it should be used to its full extent.

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