Aspiring writers come together to share their masterpieces with peers


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Imagine an atmosphere on campus in which your most creative stories are brought to life and shared in a way that inspires you and your peers. This concept has developed by way of the campus’s newly formed writers club.

Students with a shared passion for writing gather together once a week after school to bring their greatest fantasies to reality in the form of creative writing. Sponsored by English teachers Cindy Pino and Susan Halberg, the writers club provides students with an outlet for creative writing that allows them to share their works and encourage and enlighten their peers.

“It’s a very special student that loves to write on their own,” Halberg shared.

Anyone is welcomed to join the club where students come together and challenge each other with new and creative writing prompts and writing challenges. Aspiring writers are encouraged to share their masterpieces with the group in order to gain feedback, constructive criticism and most importantly an opportunity to showcase their writing abilities.

The most coveted aspect of this group is the non-judgmental and safe atmosphere the students provide their peers.

“It’s kind of a safe zone for sharing creativity,” Pino said.

Because of the shared passion for writing, students make an effort to respect one another’s works and honesty in order to promote positivity.

“Its suppose to be an emotional outlet,” sophomore club president Bryce Terry said.

As a goal for the end of the school year, the students hope to develop a book combined with their proudest works and publish it to share with the community.

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