Club spotlights: a year of challenges and perseverance

In a year full of difficulties, many have turned to extracurricular activities or have found new hobbies to occupy themselves. Although certain limitations have made gathering and planning events more challenging, the club leaders continue to try to make their groups, and the members, the best that they can be.

Yearbook: Despite the series of challenges that have arisen, co-editors in chief, seniors  Brooklyn Hawkins and Jessica Lee, proceed with their mission to guide new yearbook staffers and create an encouraging environment. “The people in yearbook are really dedicated,” said Hawkins. “I really like how at the end of the year you get to see your work manifested in a physical form,” explained Lee.  The editors enjoy being more involved in the decisions that are made and strive to improve the quality of the school yearbook. Considering the shortage of staffers, they hope that they can find several new members so the club can thrive next year.

LINK Crew: Although becoming a freshman and taking on the first year of high school may seem daunting, this group of students is attempting to spread inclusivity and desires to make getting accustomed to the new environment a little less frightening. “I remember being a freshman and trying to merge into this new society,” mentions Junior Nathan Lam, Super Q of LINK Crew. ”I just wanted to make that transition better.” Due to certain COVID restrictions, LINK crew has not been able to do all of the activities they had on their agenda, but they were still elated about being able to assist with freshman orientation.

Newspaper: Newspaper has been unable to publish a physical paper this year, however, they continue to revise their stories and publish new issues online. “There are so many things I like about being editor-in-chief,” senior Nadine Loureiro claims. “Being a part of the whole creative process is always really fun, and it is a different level of pride when things go well.” Even after winning over twenty AIPA awards, the staffers aspire to further their writing capabilities.

StuGo: The Student Government has encountered great opposition during this past year, yet they continue to persevere and coordinate events for the school. “It has been nice to meet so many different people at Perry, including the administration,” explains senior Miri Chan, President of StuGo, NHS, and Operation Smile. “It was kind of hard for us this year, but we did our rivalry week the second quarter, we did our quarantine spirit week the third quarter, and then we just had our prom spirit week and all of our prom events.” As this school year draws to a close, StuGo continues to establish a more positive atmosphere for the students of Perry. 

Perrywinkles Improv Club: The Perrywinkles Improv club has not been able to meet this year, but they continue to chase their ideal of constructing a safe, creative space in preparation for next year. “Every practice did not really feel like practice. We obviously did stuff, but it felt like you were just hanging out with your friends, which you were,” said Tyler Sanford, co-president of the Perrywinkles. In spite of the fact certain activities have been limited, the Perrywinkles Improv Club is still attempting to create a place where students are free to express themselves.

With this school year coming to an end, and seniors going their separate ways, numerous students will have to part from one another. Although it is bittersweet, it also presents new opportunities for incoming and existing members. Overall, the club presidents have assisted with making this chapter of Highschool one that will not be forgotten.