Kalayna Walker leads African American Culture Club as she promotes equality


Kalayna Walker

Junior Kalayna Walker leads African American Culture Club after she was elected as the club president. Her goal is to promote equality and provide a safe place for everyone to share their experiences.

Although it is difficult to manage a club and organize events during COVID-19, junior Kalayna Walker, president of the African American Culture Club, is working to unite people with an interest in African American culture at Perry High School, and spread equality among students. 

African American Culture Club is a group of students that meets on Wednesdays before school whose objective is not only to educate about cultural background, but also to spread inclusiveness, equality and provide a safe place for students to share their experiences. The club welcomes anybody that is interested; there is no requirement to join. Walker has been a member of this organization since her freshman year, and she was recently elected as club president.

After taking this new position, Walker is hoping to set a few of the goals she has envisioned into action. Walker explains, “I want to make a family that you can always talk to, even in school, just to unite us.” In hopes of connecting and providing new experiences to the members that participate in this club, Walker began by creating a group chat so everyone can stay connected both during and after school.

In addition, Walker is attempting to arrange field trips to partner with culture clubs from other schools, along with planning gatherings where the members can connect with one another. Walker and the African American Culture Club are also hoping to visit universities and discuss more about the African American culture.

Freshman Sidney Snowden, member of African American Culture Club, comments, “Walker is really outgoing, posts stuff about African American Culture Club, is always getting us together, talking and asking us our opinions” In other words, Walker is conversing and working with the club’s members to create a positive atmosphere and inclusive environment.

John Prothro, club sponsor , mentions, “Walker is very personable and active on campus…She is willing to reach out to everybody and anybody to make this group as inclusive as possible.” Prothro also stated that, “There are students involved that want to make a difference.” Walker and Prothro both emphasize that people from all races and backgrounds who are interested in learning about the African American culture are welcome to participate.

Despite the complications and challenges that the pandemic has provided, Walker, along with the members and sponsors of the African American Culture Club, are meeting each new situation with determination and continuing their mission to educate about African American culture, and to spread inclusion and equality across Perry High School. Together, they continue to strive to create a positive community for everyone to feel accepted and welcome.