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District-wide Deep Equity leads to understanding

Senior Amira Johnson. SR

Amira Johnson, Staff Reporter

November 14, 2019

Diversity is great and embraced in schools, communities, and society.  Diversity is not simply a mix of cultures, but also celebrating every individual who is different, unique and learning to accept and gain respect for individuals regardless of their differences.  Chandler Unified School District...

New academic decathlon team makes history

The academic decathlon team in their second club meeting

Dayton Jones, Sports editor

September 26, 2019

The new academic decathlon team, it's going to be there first year here at perry, and there are many hopefuls that great things will be coming from the team.  The club itself was formed by Cole Wilde and a few other friends with the intent of making it a fun time for all.  “Me and my friends ...

Deep Equity; A Stride Forward for Education

Deep Equity; A Stride Forward for Education

Grant Williams

December 16, 2018

As well-intentioned as the educational philosophy of past generations and its admonition to “not see” color or religion or any other descriptor of background may be, this attitude of instruction is becoming increasingly incongruous with a rapidly diversifying America. To many, such a phrase constitu...

John Prothro: story teller

Madilyn McFarland, Staff Reporter

February 6, 2017

Proper, hard-working, inspiring are only a few words used to describe history teacher, John Prothro. He has taught now for 32 years and has yet to lose any passion for the work he does, calling all his students by their last names as a sign of the respect he has for them. As said by junior John Nazi about this one-...

C.A.R.E. club brings awareness to animal cruelty

Bree Wade and Hayley Young

October 25, 2016

Making a difference is as simple as bringing a few people together over mutual passion. One of the newest clubs on campus hopes to use that passion in order to make an impact in the lives of animals. The Club for Animal Rescue and Evolvement, known simply as C.A.R.E., further diversifies the clubs ...

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John Prothro