Player Profile: Softball’s Saige Stutz

With a brutal 63-mph right-handed pitch, senior Saige Stutz has been delivering experience and excellence to the varsity softball team since her freshman year.

She has contributed to the team’s evolution in the past three years and continues to help the team improve in hopes of a state championship title in 2019.

Last season the Pumas were on the brink of making their own history, as they made it to the class 6A semifinals and Stutz is locked in on improving this season.

“Hopefully this year [we get] one more game,” she said.

Not only have her statistics improved, but she has gained better knowledge of the game, matured as a person and a player, and has proved to be a leader for herself and team. Naturally, as Stutz grew and matured, the team did as well. She describes that the team has grown tight bonds with each other, and everyone has been able to communicate and cooperate with each other better together, which leads them to victory. For instance, the team has become more vocal with each other in their last few games to ensure each play is efficient and harmonious. When reflecting on her past years as an athlete, Stutz adds that, “We’re all a lot closer which helps us win games.”

The entire team has high hopes for this season. When asked about her goals for the team this year, she says with a smile that they plan, “to continue playing as a team like we always have.” Since softball is a team sport, it is crucial to ensure that everyone is on the same page and truly competing as one. With Stutz being a captain this year, she continuously works on unifying the team and making sure their communication is strong in order to perform to the best of their abilities.

When not playing softball, Stutz loves to read, but she explains that, “softball is pretty much my life.” With that being said, she is able to exceptionally balance her ability to be a student athlete. She describes her technique of making sure all of her homework is done before she goes to bed for the night and using every available second to think about what she has to do for the remainder of the day; even during practices.

All of this hard work has paid off, and she has scholarships lined up for her at several different schools. However, she explains that she is committed on attending Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. Additionally, she has a full-ride scholarship and hopes to one day become a neurosurgeon.