Food Truck Influences Student Population


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Food truck success? A better option for hungry Pumas?


Many students look forward to lunch as a pivotal part of their school day. However, there are mixed responses regarding the implementation of the food truck, “Nosh + Nomad” during Thursday lunches.

With the goal of alleviating long lunch lines and enhancing the overall quality of school food, there is a reality behind this new innovation.

There is an obvious appeal of a new attraction on campus, but students argue that it is not worth the price and the sacrifice of their social time.

Freshman Kaylee Ross explains, “I’ve heard that they’re not very good and very overpriced.”

However, the foods served at “Nosh + Nomad” range at about $3.50 for an entree, which isn’t far off from the pricing of regular cafeteria lunches.

Furthermore, a main goal of the food truck is to end the problems of cafeteria lunch lines. As a result, students argue that lines persist even with the new addition to Puma lunches.

Principal Dan Serrano expresses, “Well, I’ve gone out there last two Thursdays and there’s a long line, and maybe because it’s new, but we’ll see.”

Time will tell regarding the future of school food lunches and their effectiveness in working efficiently to deliver lunches to population.

According to junior Steven Welch,“The amount of students we have and the amount of opportunity for food, I know sometimes the lines can get really long and that’s a deterrent for people.”

Despite controversy, students can expect a variety of options, which give people the opportunity to stray from their typical school food. Even students who have not tried the food truck explain how they believe it is an innovative way to change what is expected.




Senior Evelyn Neilson, “It’s different than the food inside.”

Senior Jessica Paige, “It good that they have like a different like more options.”

Kyan Raymond says, “I’ve heard good things,” continues to say, “I definitely think it’s it competes with the school food.”

Freshmen Tyler Fawley, “The food’s great,” he goes on to state, “People might not like just waiting in the line.”

Freshmen Rachel Smith, “Not for the price, it’s not worth it.”

“I haven’t heard any bad responses,” freshman Charlize Bezuidenhout

Junior Reign Ramos, “I feel like it’s a lot better, like I trust this chicken more than I trust the school chicken.”