How sports medicine helps out the team


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A successful team is not just about how good the players are, but how well everyone contributes to the help with the final performance. The core ingredient behind any good team is teamwork.

Within any sport there is a moment in every athlete’s life when they experience an injury. Football being one of those sports infused with many possible incidents just waiting to happen. As student athletes take the field, fear of potential injuries occurring runs through the mind.The sports medicine team provides emergency care for the athletes injuries.

They are trained and specialized in preventing, recognizing, and managing injuries that prevent the athlete from performing to their fullest and best abilities. A quick look into what the class would be learning, junior Chris Cheang explains, “bone structure, ligaments, pretty much everything you need to know about the human body and how to treat injuries.”

A communication between both teams leads to the strongest and bests results.Just like every piece of a puzzle is important,the sports medicine team is needed to complete the dynamic of the team.When asked about how they help out the boys on the field Cheang says, “we’re taught a huge variety of treatments and methods…in the event of an injury we can get to them quickly, whether its a sprained ankle to a broken finger, or even a concussion.” The power of a team is seen when a collaboration of individuals are put together to accomplish one goal:to win.

Sports medicine has become very important for the athletes success because it focuses on each players individual needs and concerns to help revamp their bodies back to health. Not only are they seen at every game but also attend their practices. After acknowledging all they do, it is crazy to think there all still just  high school students.

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