Woodward-Shaw spreads creative talent


Olivia Woodward-Shaw performs as the character Rapunzel. Woodward-Shaw loves to put smiles on little kids faces through spreading her talents with the world.

Whether it be sports, writing stories, going on runs, or selling clothes through your own online store; everyone has their own way when it comes to expressing themselves. For Senior Olivia Woodward-Shaw, the fine arts is her area of expertise. Throughout the years, Woodward-Shaw has found a safe place within the arts to leave all her worries at the door and express her emotions, allowing her to do a mental check in. Some of Woodward-Shaw’s strengths compile of singing, acting, as well as dancing. 

She utilizes her talents such as dancing and improv in order to check in with how she is feeling. Her training in dance dates back since she was only 2 years old. She treats dance as a canvas and finds ways to paint her emotion with her own body. “Whenever I feel stressed out, anxious, or overwhelmed or anything like that; for some people they write it down or for some people they play an instrument but for me I like to put it on my own body. So like if I think of my anxiousness of my body and I stretch out an arm, that is kinda like me throwing it out and throwing all my cares away,” Woodward-Shaw said. 

In theater, she has taken her skills to a new height through her choreographing. When imagining how something is supposed to look on stage, she inputs emotion into any piece of choreography to help bring the greater picture to life. She joined the performing arts when she was 6 years old. Woodward-Shaw also participates in Jazz choir and has been singing in choir ever since she turned 10 years old. “I am currently choreographing for the school’s musical. I like to show through my choreography how characters should express themselves and it kinda helps me put my expression on them,” Woodward-Shaw said. 

Theater has also opened up new opportunities and has allowed her to showcase her talents not just on the stage. Woodward-Shaw works at The Pink Teapot, which is an excellent place where she can step into a role of a character. On the weekends, Woodward-Shaw has the potential to make some little kids happy by bringing their favorite Disney princess to life. She loves the feeling of making both the children and parents happy through sharing her talents with the world around her.

 “I do princess parties and I have been since I was 14, so about 4 years. I love working with kids, so whenever I do a party I leave all my worries out the door. I tell myself that right now I am a character and I have to be a part of the princess world. I have to take on graciousness and all of that and it helps me express myself through singing and helping out the kids as well as teaching them,” Woodward-Shaw said. 

Woodward-Shaw continues to look for the endless possibilities she can take her potential. Recently, she thought of ways she could continue to benefit others through her gifts and continue to fuel herself so she applied to be a princess for Disneyland Paris. In the events of expressing herself she has also found a way to positively affect the world around her.