The treasure of student cars

Cars: a necessity to some, a treasure to others. Wandering around Perry’s very own student parking lot, there’s a discovery to be found of some of the coolest cars at Perry. 

The 2016 V6 Ford Mustang seems to be a fan favorite of many as owner, senior Alexander Nguyen had many of his friends sign his car’s trailer and even leave some Instagram handles. Nguyen has previously done a gold wrap and currently it is a teal both with a ripple design. “I want to keep the color now, just because it’s such expensive vinyl, but I definitely want to do a chromatic [color],” Nguyen says. It is equipped with a FlowMaster exhaust and 20 inch rims by 10 and a half inches wide. 

Senior Ethan Le is the owner of a 2016 Camaro 2LT. His Camaro has 20 inch wheels in addition to the original stock exhaust. The exterior features a blacked out Chevy emblem paired with a sleek leather black interior. Le says, “I like how [the car] looks and how loud it is.” 

Sophomore Camryn Mchone prides herself on a very sentimental car. The 1989 V8 Mustang was her mom’s first car and her brother’s first car and now, hers. The car was bought new, by her grandparents. “My mom grew up in the car. She says she remembers taking family trips in it and they’d each only get one bag because that’s all you can fit in it,” she laughs. Mchone mentions that her favorite feature of the car is that it is a convertible. As the car ages, Mchone and her family have managed to keep it in good shape with close to no major modifications. The car still has the stock engine and wheels. 

A beautiful powder blue 1989 Chevy 1500 stepside is owned by senior Mason Davis. Again, this truck was passed down by the generations. His grandpa and dad had both owned the car before him when his dad bought it new. Once his grandpa stopped driving, it became his. Davis says he loves that everything in the car is mechanical and he can fix most of it himself. Including the original leather interior, most of the car has been restored with everything being stock, except for the 350 engine. 

Junior William Policastro drives a 2001 NB Mazda Miata with the iconic Miata red. The Miata has 24 inch aftermarket wheels and includes a manual convertible top. He describes his favorite feature of the car is,“ being able to drive stick and controlling my speed completely,” Policastro also mentions that although his car may not be the fastest, turning and drifting plays a major role in the top features. He adds, “It’s a really fun drive [and] it handles really well.”

Nguyen describes his love for cars wonderfully: “I love that thing to death. I think that cars are a good thing to get into for people. It’s a good community” As new and old cars go in and out of style, these enthusiasts will continue to value the heartiness and elegance of a simply good car.