Top five Halloween movies to give you spine-chilling horror


Denise Ferrer

The killers cannot wait for the scares of this movie at the theatre . They await a good scare.

Horror movies and the general month of October along with Halloween synergize well with each other. Some movies go well with the spooky season, there will be spoilers for these movies mention, you were warned. One of those movies will always be Halloween (1978). Its premise is about a man named Michael Myers and shows him as a person with a bizarre mentality, having killed his elder sister at the young age of six. After 15 years at a sanitarium, he is set free by accident when his transportation bus crashes in a ditch and then proceeds to return to Haddonfield, Illinois from Smith’s Grove, Illinois and stalks Laurie Strode due to her looking like her elder sister, Judith Myers, thus becoming fixated on her. In the process of stalking her, Michael Myers kills are very few but have some of the most iconic in its series. Kills in this movie can be very paralyzing with the roadside kill being the dullest and the closet jumpscare to have the body hanging in the wall. For those who want a classic 80’s horror movie, Halloween (1978) has what you need. 


Friday the 13th The Final Chapter is the fourth of nine Friday the 13th films and has an opening similar to Halloween II that it immediately follows the previous film only seconds after the ending. This film also finally introduces the antagonist of Jason being Tommy Jarvis who is skilled at making high-quality monster masks for being very young. In typical Friday the 13th fashion, the kills are numerous and done with the help of the legendary make-up artist Tom Savini. Jason has only changed to reflect the damage he took in Part 3. Most of the kills are well done like the corkscrew kill in the kitchen and the speargun kill in the lake due to Savini pulling all the stops. This movie is definitely a movie for those who want some good kills.


The Invisible Man (2020) is a type of horror that isn’t exactly typical. It is more of a psychological horror rather than a silent killer stalking his prey or a loudmouth killer taunting and messing with his prey. The premise is that Cecilia Cass is trying to run away from her abusive husband and she does do this successfully. After such, her husband commits suicide and she is promised 5 million if she does her side of the deal. After this, she grants the people who helped her with this money for college and such, but soon an invisible man starts messing with her and begins to make her seem insane to those around her. The invisible man also begins to tear and rip at the connections she has to those who rescued her. For those looking for a fresh take on horror, this one might be what you’re looking for.


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) was a rare horror film to be based on an actual event that took place in Texas by a serial killer. Most of the more surreal elements like cannibalism aren’t actually true, but an element added on. The story is set in Texas and shows the Sawyers, a family bent on cannibalism for generations. Their victims usually consist of anyone that they can get their hands on, which are typically teenagers or not so wary people. The main killer that gets the family meat is Billy, a large and stupid butcher that is continually hounded by his older siblings. He kills his victims efficiently and without much injury to them and makes them food for his family. If you want a disturbing movie to watch on Halloween night, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is something to consider. 


And one of the most notable horror movies at the time was Night of the Living Dead (1968) by George Romero, a notable figure in the undead entertainment industry. Night of the Living Dead is one of many films that shows what you can do even with a small budget and does its best anytime if excessive gore or violence is involved. The story is somewhat based on an account of an attendant at a hospital in Philadelphia when a medical experiment went haywire and “living dead” attacked them. Romero then took this story and made it his own by incorporating his own elements and making the near-masterpiece Night of the Living Dead. If you want a classic horror movie about zombies, Night of the Living Dead is sure to be considered.