Healthy Diet Proves Runners Success

The track team meets for practice Monday through Friday right  after a long day at school from 2:30-4:30.these athletes are training long hours through rain or shine. The Perry team is committed to growing and getting stronger and faster with every practice. 

On 2/27 3:30pm there first dual will take place at Brophy. This dual will be Frosh-JV-Varsity. These athletes are highly committed to their sport and do plenty to get ready for races.

When it comes to an athlete’s diet food is a huge aspect in training. When your running so much, you have to keep your carbs up. On set days they have carb load up days were the whole team gathers to chow down on plenty of pasta, veggies, bread and any healthy source of high carbs and veggies and fruits. Running burns plenty of calories very very fast so keeping your carb content up is very important and can keep you from feeling low on energy.

Sophomore Tiffany Martinez takes her health and training very serious with visits to her local gym, runs, and trains, including lifting weights outside of school, along with practices during school hours. She reflects her personal goals in the way she decides to eat and train.

“To train for a race i always work hard in every single workout and push myself harder every practice, I stay focused drinking lots of water and never skipping practice,” Martinez expressed.

With being an athlete nutrients from food is equal to fuel for the body and can reflect in the way an athlete performs physically and feels mentally. This can be a very important part of getting faster.

“I always eat some sort of protein as soon as i’m done with practice, whether it be chicken,mixed nuts or even a protein shake so my muscles can take in the protein after the workout so I can build mass and get stronger,” Martinez explained.

Martinez has been a part of the track team since freshman year this being her second season of training and racing. So far she has seemed to really thrive in becoming an athlete at Perry.

“ Becoming a Perry athlete has definitely made my school experience so much better, not only having fun doing the sport but being able to meet new people and staying incredibly active,” Martinez explained.

Let’s hope this new season has plenty of wins for Perry high school and that the track team starts off the new season on the right foot.