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New club honors Shakespeare’s works

New Shakespeare Club to be coming to Perry.

New Shakespeare Club to be coming to Perry.

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Creative Commons

New Shakespeare Club to be coming to Perry.


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In 1592, William Shakespeare kick-started his career as a famous playwright and he had composed plays that have lasted beyond his lifetime. Currently, students are required to read his plays in school. But one teacher is changing it all so students can learn to enjoy his creations the way he originally intended them to be enjoyed.

Sophomore English teacher Shelley Lee is currently in the process of creating a Shakespeare Club to help students see Shakespeare in a different and positive light.

“I love Shakespeare,” Lee said. “I want to change the way students experience him in high school, instead of just sitting there and reading the plays, I want them to learn to appreciate and love the performative aspect of the plays.”

Although Lee is a traveling teacher, she has a signup sheet for anyone who wishes to join when the club is approved. She hopes that the club will be approved as soon as possible so they can celebrate National Shakespeare Day, which is April 23.

Manuel Edrozo, a sophomore and potential member, says “I think it would be fun to go see his stuff because there is a stigma attached to Shake that it’s boring and that everyone hates to read it, which is not the point of it.”

Lee wants to get the campus involved in this club by having a Shakespeare week, or a Shake Fest, like she has done at other schools she has worked at where there was a Shakespeare Club.

Sophomore Lindsey Clouse says “I think it would be super fun, and it can totally get people involved.”

This club is designed to give students a better understanding of Shakespeare and they will focus on watching and enjoying the performances, not sitting and reading his plays.

Lee explains, “One of the first things you learn about Shakespeare in my class is that he is not meant to be read. He is meant to be experienced. He is meant to be watched.”

She believes that he is not meant to be analyzed. The whole purpose of the club is to change all of that.


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New club honors Shakespeare’s works