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Flower Boy

Leviah Nixon, News Reporter

February 14, 2018

It's been over 200 years since the Feast of Saint Valentine was created, which in today's terms is called valentines day. Valentines days is one of the most creative days of the year, But some feel as though its just a way to spend lots of money, but what if your spending money for a good cause, Like Ry...

Valentine’s Day Proves Importance to Couple on Campus

Seniors Ayanna Purdie and Dalton Johnston celebrating Christmas by a lit Christmas tree

Michael McKinzie, Staff Reporter

February 14, 2018

February 14th. A day every couple on campus marks on their calendar. Whether it’s students purchasing chocolates, flowers, or saxograms, the day proves importance to relationships no matter age or beliefs. Seniors, Dalton Johnston and Ayanna Purdie will be enjoying their third Valentine’s Day togethe...

Valentine’s Day for the newlyweds

Hannah Knight, Staff Reporter

February 14, 2018

Mr. and Mrs. Rygiel secured the spot as the “Brangelina” couple when Mr. Rygiel transferred to Perry’s campus this past 2017-2018 school year.  The couple of three years are keeping it low-key this season, after constant activity since their wedding last spring.  Their first Valentine's date together includ...

Students collaborate to make their own fashion magazine

A close group of friends create a fashion magazine.

Mallory Melanson, Staff Reporter

February 13, 2018

Some students have unique talents that some people look down upon; but these special teens are motivated and put their hearts into what they do, just like the talented group of students who produced QNDP Magazine. “Quarter, Nickel, Dime, Penny. Keep the change” is the magazine’s motto. QNDP h...

Battle Through Injuires

Battle Through Injuires

Leviah Nixon, Staff Reporter

February 9, 2018

When playing sports in high school its an advantage but in some ways it can become  unpleasant and very remorseful. Perry High School girls soccer team has the recognition that they deserve. Here at Perry working as a team is everything to these girls and teamwork is everything as well as dedicatio...

OPINION: After three semesters, cafeteria food has seen little improvement

Lunch at DC Public Schools on 10/9/12: Local Beef Burger on a Whole Wheat Bun, Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Baked Potato Fries, Cantaloupe Wedge & Milk.

Jonathan Garcia, Staff Reporter

December 18, 2017

It’s hard to believe that students pay more for less. With foods ranging from low grade, reheated pizza to small, unsatisfactory chicken, logic would dictate that students would pay the bare minimum for the bare minimum. Yet, every day the food quality gets worse while the lunch profits go up. Go...

Matthew Pitman shows rising promise across arts department

Matthew Pitman blows the audience away when performing in the production

Mallory Melanson, Staff Reporter

December 18, 2017

With a passion for participating in choir and theater, sophomore Matthew Pitman has come to be one of the school’s lead students in the arts. He is a part of jazz choir, concert choir, and theater. Ever since third grade, Pitman has fallen in love with singing and theater; he has come to the point...

Jamerson reveals his love for music on the court

CJ Jamerson runs the court to pass the ball to fellow teammate

VIctoria Vredevoogd, Staff Reporter

December 14, 2017

As much as point guard CJ Jamerson loves basketball, he also has a passion for music. Jamerson has been rapping for nine years.  His brother just moved to California to work on his music career and Jamerson hopes to follow in his brother’s success. Jamerson not only sings but writes his own music ...

Re-mediate Nerves at the Coronado

Hannah Knight, Staff Reporter

November 30, 2017

Tis’ the season for Christmas music, twinkly lights, and a peppermint mocha. However, delicious, steamy peppermint mocha season signals late-night cram sessions for final exams. What better than staking out a study spot to cushion the stress and tears of the end of the semester? Downtown Phoenix ...

Rygiel’s dream becomes a reality with new business

English teacher Kimberly Rygiel letters for her new business

Madi Kimball, News Editor

November 14, 2017

Beyond the classrooms, teachers have a variety of hobbies to keep them busy after the strenuous hours of grading papers. In that time, English teacher Kimberly Rygiel is busy with her newly developed hand lettering business, “Letters from the Margin”. She got the inspirations for the name of the...

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