How Social Media Affects Relationships

The unrealistic standards social media sets for people’s lives impacts relationships and expectations, friendships, and life.

When you scroll through social media you are overwhelmed with the photos and videos being posted all the time with a feed that updates twenty four seven. These views on reality can start to become morphed and skewed without even realizing.

Social media only shows one side of a story, and tries to change your mindset on life, the way you view yourself, and even others. When you see photos of Instagram models and influencers that have millions of followers or “friends” they are mostly one body type and all are striving for that one unrealistic look.

Behind every photo of what seems to be a perfect life, influencers post about the new pills they are taking or tea to flatten their stomach. People tend to not realize how damaging these hidden messages truly are.

With this standard, people try to alter the way they look and even act to fit in with the popular crowd. This can be damaging to young women and men’s body image. Social media can cause low self esteem issues, causing many can feel pressured to look a certain way or fit into a certain body frame.

With such an influx of information a lot seems to be unregulated. Not only does it alter the way we view ourselves and others but it desensitizes us to all sorts of things.

Young kids are being exposed to terrible things such as violence, how to behave, illnesses, and the line between what’s okay and not is being blurred.

Violence is shown without any filter. People are given a mask to hide behind to say all sorts of terrible things. Nowadays, young kids that do not completely understand the impact these events have, tend to lose the connection of just how scary these events actually are, losing the feelings of empathy.

Social media deprives us of human connection and genuine conversation. We have lost our ability to communicate and carry conversation and the deeper we go into the world of social media the more we will continue to lose this.

This can also set unrealistic expectations for the way people should be and carry themselves. We are striving and chasing after this one image of perfection often putting each other down trying to reach something that does not exist naturally.

We have forgotten how important face to face human interaction and connection is because we have gotten so used to talking to a screen.