Summer break ends too quickly for proper development


Presley Plant

Summer schedule should be extended for the benefit of the student body.

Ending eighth grade is monumental. It is “crossing the threshold” between childhood to adulthood, but the modified year round schedule has tarnished that necessary transition period along with many other situations. The short summers do not recreate that “restart” period that many students need, and the long seasonal breaks are too lengthy, to a point where any information learned in the past term is hard to retain. This schedule is inconsistent and having a normal, summer off schedule is crucial for the fundamental development of a teenager.

In the United States, the full summer off schedule is common. The Chandler Unified school district’s schedule is inconvenient  where fall, winter, and spring break are almost two and half weeks and summer break is six weeks – leaving students only a few short weeks to prepare for the next year. Eighth graders have to develop certain skills (socially) and reroute their priorities in a short matter of time, this development can not be forced but the modified summer schedule does force this change at an unhealthy rate. 

The Chandler Unified School District is one of the only few districts that follow the restraints of a small summer schedule; thus, making adjustments to other school districts’ schedules is extremely difficult. This abrupt change in breaks can result in anxiety that can be easily avoided. Many kids agree that their summer feels incomplete when entering their freshman year abruptly and their break off of school is too short to convert their mentality into a learning environment.

This summer vacation breaks down the social barriers that school puts upon students with the tight daily schedule. By allowing students to be free in their decision making their morals and standards are strengthened which is unobtainable in the school environment. Summer allows students to experience decisions without the obstructions of school. Making the summer shorter limits the time to develop those skills that are crucial in the corporate world.

Awkward does not even begin to describe the length of winter, fall, and spring break. These vacations are too long for knowledge learned in the previous quarter to be properly retained and too short for new jobs and responsibilities to be granted. These breaks do feel nice in the time being; however, their length could be more beneficial somewhere else, like summer break.

This schedule could be fixed, yet the district is hesitant to switch because the common  fear of an abrupt change could affect the students’ learning. Although, the short summer schedule replicants exactly what creates these fears – an abrupt change.

Changing the schedule is possible and is dependent on the student body. This detrimental short summer and long seasonal breaks is disruptive to the teenage development of adapting to certain social situations. Though this schedule is inconvenient, Chandler Unified school district has listened to the students and encouraged them to make suggestions.