Valentine’s Day is more than just romance


Kyler Allred

Juniors Leah Davis and Dani Lavender celebrate Valentine’s Day as friends.

Mushy love songs, pushy feelings, and gushy rom-coms. Midway through February, Valentine’s Day allows for elaborate ways of showing love to one another. Lots of flowers, hugs and kisses are given as people in relationships strive to show how much they care. 

As the holiday approaches, decorations come up and the cold season is turned bright. Perry’s own cafeteria dons a new red coat as each and every student’s name is written on a red piece of paper and taped to the lunchroom’s walls. Teachers put up small ornaments around their classrooms and overall, the mood improves. 

In reality, love is meant for everyone. Not just for those who have attached themselves to another person.

Relationships are overrated. The personal value does not need to come from a significant other. There is almost no reason to rush into erratic partnerships just because that guy or gal makes you feel all woozy inside, especially at the young ages of high school students.

Those who have managed to pull off these serious relationships deserve a round of applause. That is tough work, a lot of perseverance and diligence is needed to successfully maintain a relationship, and by all means, go and celebrate this mid-February holiday with that special someone. But, this holiday is not just for lovers.

Family members, friends, and relatives all deserve to feel appreciation and love. By imparting small gifts or words of affection, others are inspired to do the same. These minuscule acts of kindness all make the world a little brighter.

This world can always use a little more light these days to break up these monotonous routines almost everyone has.

Many people claim that Valentine’s Day is a made-up commercial holiday to sell cards. It most certainly is, therefore creating an excellent made-up excuse to watch rom-coms and eat chocolate all day. 

Less celebrated holidays are the best! On St. Patrick’s Day, the world dresses in green in fear of pinches, on Earth Day people help clean the environment, and on May the fourth Star Wars gear is displayed proudly.    

What is so different about Valentine’s Day? Almost absolutely nothing! This holiday is just all about showing affection to those around you. Just because this specific winter day may be geared to those in relationships, it does not have to be. 

Just a fun fact: most mothers would love for any of their children to show their love for her. It is not necessary but highly appreciated.

Valentine’s Day should be a happy day for everyone as the world searches for ways to brighten each other’s lives, not some corporate holiday forced upon all of the single people in the world. People should be out doing good for each other and enjoying this winter holiday, because mushy love songs, pushy feelings, and gushy rom-coms are not the only things that make up this love-filled celebration.