Puma soccer season becoming unpredictable


Dayton Jones

Captain Hayden Jaramillio l in a game against skyline

The Pumas season started off a little rocky and continues to be inconsistent in terms of wins, losses, and ties. So far the team’s record is seven wins five loses and one tie which splits the team almost in half compared to the victories of the season to their defeats. The team however is keeping their heads up and their hopes high going into the next couple of games. Senior captain Wyatt Deutsch stated; “Oh yeah the season is turning around” Deutsch along with other teammates are keeping the confidence within themselves when talking to each game.
With there being some weak spots the pumas are trying to hone in on those and fix them throughout the season. “Really on the stats sheet were dominating almost every part of the game it’s truly just the score line so I think it’s when we don’t score we struggle we look at a lot of our stats and a lot of our games we are losing by one goal and its momentum swigs we are just not finding the back of the net when we need to,” coach Jason Berg stated.
Senior Kyle Brereton also agreed stating, “Well we have talked about it before, our team, it’s been we just couldn’t score goals…we’ve been really unlucky but that’s no excuse we just haven’t been scoring goals” without finishing each and every shot fully the team is suffering in their score hurting the end result but yet the team still keeps grinding away to help fix their problems.
“We need to focus on possession and keeping the ball and then our transitioning to attack and to finish our goals,” Deutsch stated. Going into every game the team is working and taking about the problems from their past games and improving upon them in hopes to improve their scores as well.
When the pumas are locking down wins it is a result of all the important aspect of the game coming together to drive the Pumas. “We possessed really well we moved the ball from side to side…finishing our chances obviously important and valuable and we did that in the end but the possession is what really kinda broke them down I mean it just tired them out it was a long game of the other team really chasing us around so it was a positive that we broke the deadlock and we got those goals at the end,” Berg explained. The possession is a result of many hours and constant practice the pumas are doing through the week. “Just the way we’ve been practicing just moving the ball attacking not trying to force it,” Brereton said. It looks like if the team continues the play as they practice they should be having more good outcomes.
When it comes to having a chance of turning the season around and consistently getting those wins the team is staying positive. “Right now it’s 3-2 in power point games those games that matter are three and two which isn’t bad…but I think we do have a good chance to have a good push at the end and I do think that line up has a lot to do with it,” Berg stated. For the Pumas if all the important aspects are there in their next games and everything clicks the team has a high chance to be seeing consistent wins in the upcoming games. So, come out and support the Pumas at their next home game at 7 taking on the Hamilton Huskies.