Bros need to know our code


Photo created by Glenn Flieshman

There are unwritten rules of society, there are the unseen globs of glue that keep our fragile life style together. For men there is a specific code that they all must follow, and that is referred to as the “bro code.”

The bro code is a sacred set of guidelines that separate men from animals. Sadly it is becoming more and more common for those rules to be forgotten, or ignored. This is crumbling our society at its core, knocking down these support pillars that keep us civilized.

One of the most vital places for these codes to be implemented is, “The public toilet (bathroom for the yanks) is a place and a situation where the obedience of the bro code is most important, where strict etiquette separates a bro, a MAN, from those other guys we do not speak of,” according to authors of a urinal etiquette article on

The bathroom is where men are most vulnerable, and are, quite literally, often caught with their pants down. So a strict following of the code is essential to make all the other gentlemen feel comfortable while using the facilities. 

There are a few basic commandments that make the process of using the restroom enjoyable, not full of awkward glances and cold gazes. The first rule and probably one of the ones that will affect your experience the most is, “When entering and choosing a urinal, you not only want as much distance as possible from any occupied urinals, you also need to think about those who may come in during your number 1,” authors further enunciate. 

Another noteworthy rule of thumb is to be helpful for the bros working those unwanted jobs, “Don’t pee all over things! The people that are cleaning up after you aren’t getting paid much. They don’t need your mis-fires and laziness to add to their employment stress.”

To avoid awkward situations like picking the wrong urinal, or dating your bro’s sister, make sure to brush up on your knowledge of the code at some reliable sources found here or here.