The Precedent

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Bros need to know our code

Photo created by Glenn Flieshman

River Bradshaw, Staff Reporter

January 17, 2020

There are unwritten rules of society, there are the unseen globs of glue that keep our fragile life style together. For men there is a specific code that they all must follow, and that is referred to as the “bro code.” The bro code is a sacred set of guidelines that separate men from animals....

Students sports’ reporting needs equality

Mug shot of staff reporter Karson Hentges.

Karson Hentges, Staff Reporter

September 21, 2015

One of the central elements in the ever-controversial world of athletics is the power struggle between justice and equality. From unrecognized, agitated teams to star-studded players who are on top of the world as a result of excessive and often unfair spotlight, this discrepancy that the media and ...

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