Club sports taking action during indecisiveness


Dominique Walicke

Dominique Walicke gets ready at the pitching mound for her club team. She continues to play with this team throughout Jan.

This year, school sports have been moving around new guidelines, mask mandates, and whether or not they are going to be canceled. Due to this indecisiveness club sports are taking action.

Normally a club team is not allowed to play during the school season but there is an exception for this year; club softball and baseball scheduled club games in February which is technically school season. “I don’t think that there will be a [school] season and I am just trying to keep on the upside with club,” sophomore softball player Dominique Walicke states. 

Softball is having open practices starting February for school season and holding tryouts in March allowing well-known club organizations continue; AZ Storm, AZ Hotshots, and AZ Showcase. Currently teams are hosting tournaments all the way up to Feb. 14 creating enough time for the girls to play club and be rested enough for their school season.

Unlike Softball’s leniency, soccer is following previous rules and stopped playing this Jan. Club softball is taking advantage of this time, since school is allowing students to stay active with club sports while school ball is not playing. However, club soccer coaches have strictly stayed to the rules; they have stopped completely in January making sure they follow any precautions. “I’m not playing club right now because if I play club then I am not allowed to play for the school season,” junior soccer player Bella Mowad states.

Club soccer coaches make sure that their players are rested and fully attentive for school ball; therefore, soccer cuts their season around Jan. even with the recent push-backs and delays of Spring sports. 

Winter school sports deeply impacted the way spring sports would play out. This school year the school board had meandered many possibilities to control the spread of the virus while playing sports.  Although, with “the vote [Jan. 12] to return in-person and the AIA vote to bring back winter sports, softball for Perry can start a few things,” junior varsity softball coach Shaundra Gutierrez states.

Baseball has been having practices throughout the school year in hopes of having an official season like the many other spring sports. “We have a lot of seniors this year and they deserve a full season before they go to college,” Mowad remarks. 

While keeping the students in mind, club ball is trying to include as much playing time without the conflict of school season, “They were originally going to bring the club back but then they were like we are going to just do high school,” Mowad says.

Senior athletes compete for scholarships but taking away high school seasons players rely on their club teams to obtain scouts. “With all the canceling made me realize that I should be more invested with the club to get a scholarship instead of school,” Walicke states.

Sports have been in a constant state of undecided decisions so many schools have kept patient with continuingly changes. “This year is really unpredictable with sports,” Mowad remarks.

In the end both school and club sports do what is best for their players. Making sure they are rested enough and feel safe in the school environment is the main priority.