Women in STEM pursuing during COVID-19


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Women In Stem 2020-2021

With the sudden impact of COVID-19 clubs had to shut down and either keep meetings virtual or not meet at all; however, with the new school year the Women in STEM club have been meeting since the start of in-person school — second quarter.

To pursue the Women in STEM purpose of acknowledging females in STEM professions and their achievements, they are required to take proper precautions of wearing a “mask, social distancing, and contacting tracing guidelines,” Chemistry teacher and Women in STEM advisor Karen Hutchinson stated.

The STEM community is “disportionately male” Hutchinson remarked; thus, the Women in STEM club “serves as a way for all students to meet and network” while spreading awareness for the lesser known women Hutchinson said.   

Members of the club orientate their meetings around “strengthening the community and also bringing awareness to women in the field that may have looked over.” Women in STEM officer Junior Sydney Braaten stated. To take action on the club goals the club will have a “presentation or a Kahoot so we can all learn about women who are not as appreciated.”

Due to the name of the club, Women in STEM, members may seem to be more female; although, “there have always been boys in the club.” Baaten remarked. Recently more men have joined and now “the ratio of boy to girl is more equal,” Braaten explained.

The Women in STEM club is not exclusive to females who are actively interested in the STEM program as Braaten is not even in the program herself and she is an official officer.

Although the club is very inclusive it ranges in small numbers as it only had 19 members from last year but from the impact of COVID-19 their club has started to advertise itself and gain more members. With with the growing numbers that came with the virus came the loss of allowing STEM professionals visit. “In pre-COVID years, STEM professionals have presented and shared experiences at club meetings.” Hutchinson said. Since COVID-19 evolved the visitors had to leave and take safety precautions that restricted them from coming to the school.

To join the club, officials and members keep the meetings open to anyone who is willing to join and commit to learning “about women who have been looked over” Braaten stated. Students who are wanting to attend “should join the remind,” Baaten remarked. The meetings are short and are solely meant to educate and advise students to achieve their goals as STEM enthusiasts.