Senior Cody Williams selected for McDonald’s All American Game


Wyatt Lehti

Senior guard Cody Williams during the boys basketball state championship on Mar .4, 2023 against Sunny Slope. Perry taking the win 74-58

Senior Cody Williams on the boys basketball varsity team has been the first in Perry’s history to be selected for the McDonald’s All American Game. 

Taking place on Mar 28 in Houston Texas, the McDonald’s All American Game, as Williams explained it is “the top 24 kids in the country go and have some practices, do some training and eventually play in this big McDonald’s All American Game for a fundraiser.” This is of course not an easy feat to achieve, but Williams takes it proudly.  “It’s a huge honor, a huge accomplishment, and I’ve been thinking about this since I was a little kid. I used to always watch the game as a kid growing up, and being a part of it is just a huge deal for me.” 

The excitement Williams and his family share for this accomplishment is quite high. “I’m really looking forward to this. It’s going to be a lot of fun.” and Williams said that his parents too, “they’re proud of me, they’re just looking forward to going out there and watching me play.” Williams sees this as “a huge honor to have fun and just enjoy the experience.”

But for Williams this is not that new. He already knows many of the players. He shared “I know a lot of the players just because I played with or against them, so I’m pretty familiar with them.” Not only is knowing the players he will be competing against enough to have played against them a sign of the skill that brought Williams here in the first place, but it also means that he is familiar with how they play, and could have an overall more enjoyable game.

Getting selected for the McDonald’s All American Game is no easy feat. Since only 24 players from the entire United States are selected, to be one of them is a tremendous feat, that has not been easy. Williams thought his selection was “because of my versatility, my personal accomplishments. A lot of the people who made the decision watched me play all throughout summer, so I really think my performance is why they selected me.” and to achieve levels of performance that would stand out to a spotter Williams has had to train and practice vigorously to achieve the position he is in now. Coach Sam Duane comments on Williams placement and overall success stating “He’s worked hard to make himself the best player that he can be. All of his success has been attributed to Cody’s work ethic.”

Overall Williams placement on this team is not only a huge accomplishment for our school, but a huge accomplishment for him as well.