Pumas are ready for postseason run


Laney Wardell

Senior Brenna Alderson trying to get past Mountain Ridge High School

With the beginning of the competitive chapter in the Pumas season, the Pumas started strong. On Jan. 24, the Pumas played at Hamilton and ended up beating the Huskies with a score of 2-0. Because Hamilton is marked as one of the tougher opponents, beating the Huskies definitely has a positive effect on the team.

 Despite being injured and not being able to play this season, Kylie Rehberger, team manager, said, “The game on Friday proved to the girls that all their hard work is paying off. I see it first hand at the practices.”

 Throughout the fifteen games played already, a few players have started in all of them. Brenna Rodriguez, Brenna Alderson, Kendall McIntyre, Hoku Schwenke, Kayla Campbell, and Anni Hall have all played in the fifteen games. Mikella Reed, although not a part of that list, has scored the most goals with eleven total. Brenna Alderson put up ten goals so far this season.

 So far this season the team has allowed 12 goals to be scored. In comparison to the 56 goals they have scored against other teams, the 12 allowed is a small number. Along with the goals that have been scored on the Pumas the goalkeepers have saved a combined total of 84 goals with Jazmyn Brass saving 64 of them.

 The competitive chapter involves many difficult teams the Pumas will have to play. The Pumas are focused on one game at a time. Goalkeeper Jazmyn Brass said, “We aren’t really disciplined at focusing at one game at a time.”

One of the more notable match ups the Pumas have to face is their game against Xavier College Prep. In the 2017-18 school year, the Pumas played the Gators in the Championship game and lost. 

 This year the Pumas have three more seniors compared to last year’s roster. With more seniors on the team, the Pumas have an extra level of reinforcement and leadership. Principal Dan Serrano said, “When you see sports where you have more seniors you have a better chance to win in my opinion.” 

 On Feb. 7, the Pumas are battling Kofa High School Kings at their campus in Yuma in hopes of continually taking home wins. With how the last few games have been going the Pumas have momentum that can carry them into completing the season with pride.