Keeping Focus: On and off the court


Laney Wardell

The team shares a moment before a game.


When the basketball season first began, they had a few goals to start the season.

At the beginning of the season, they were determined to end their season stronger after their unexpected loss to Valley Vista in the playoffs last year.

As their long season has started to wind down, how does the basketball team keep their focus on the end goal? For some players, this would be “maintaining focus in the classroom and on the court” as Grace Oken said.

The Pumas started their season very strong with five consecutive wins, and have continued to progress in their season. They have dominated against many nearby teams, including Hamilton High School, one of the top-ranked teams in the state, which ranked the team as sixth in the state.

There have been a few setbacks for the basketball team as the season continues. Senior captain, Loryn Harper recently injured herself in a home game. She has had a lot of experience playing for Perry, which helped the girls on the team learn good skills.

 “I was out my freshman year because I tore my ACL, but my sophomore year I played varsity…. I’ve been with these girls the whole time.” She said. In being with the girls, she advocates for trust and friendship on the team. “It’s been wild.” She said.

 Although she is injured, the team has not lost focus on the game or their bond because she continues to encourage them, taking on the role of “mother hen” very seriously. Coach Curtis said.

 “She is still a captain on the team and doesn’t take that lightly. She is always paying attention to practices…. She brings more energy from the bench than anyone else can.” Sophomore Guard, Leah Davis said.

 The same is applied to the coaches who always encourage the girls to work hard and “play as a team” During the practices, the coach prepares them for the team that they will face by giving them situations so that they will always know what to do. They also play right alongside the girls during the practices. As the season was winding down, they experienced some big losses.

Recently, they went to California and played two teams there. “We have had a few big losses in a season and our tournaments… if we focus on the little things and listen to our coaches we can do great things this year.” Davis said.

 Overall, the girls had many great wins and if they continue working hard, they could dominate many other teams.

 The next home game is Feb. 11 against Chandler High School at 7 p.m.