Girls’ Volleyball Season coming to an end

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Girls’ Volleyball Season coming to an end


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The Pumas have made great progress this season as they took on many challenging teams throughout the region. This season, the volleyball team had an overall score of 31-3-1 and is ranked first in the state. With five seniors leading the team this year and younger players proving their abilities, they made great progress this year and have come far. 

Junior setter, Jenna Heller broke two school records this year. “It was the best for me, knowing that I made an impact on the school,” she said.

Earlier this year, Coach Mann said “There’s a lot that needs to go into the process to get ourselves better.” They definitely overcame the challenges and went on to beat many schools in the region that repeatedly gave them a good tough time such as Corona, Basha, Xavier, Chandler and Hamilton. 

The future’s looking bright going forward because they have come so far and it has shown because they are on their way to state!  “I believe we can make it and win it if we can be steady and make adjustments quickly. I am confident in our team this year,” said Heller. Some of the players like Tatum Stall, Ella Rudd, and Makayla Long really led the team this year.

 “A bunch of people are looking for me to take us to that next step, and I think we can get there,” said Tatum Stall. 

They made improvements to many aspects of volleyball and also build good team chemistry and leadership qualities. “We’ve been able to speed up our offense a lot more and just be more gritty than the past years,” said Heller. 

There were a few setbacks this year that the girls have been able to overcome with their grit and persistence, and it the end the setbacks became a learning experience for many of the girls on the team.  One of the hardest challenges this year which was very unexpected was the new offense. “When the region was starting we lost one of our right sides because she broke her foot and we had to change our whole entire offense… It helped us grow,” said Heller. With determination and perseverance, the volleyball team has finally accomplished their goal for the season. 

Win after win, girls’ volleyball has led the way and come out on top throughout this whole season. Tomorrow night at 6:30 p.m. Perry takes on Deseret Vista for the 2019 AIA State Quarterfinal.  Come and support them in their game.