Pumas look to get their mojo back against Boulder Creek

On Sept 27th, the Perry Pumas will take on the Boulder Creek Jaguars at Perry High school. This game is a must win for the pumas, after the loss to both Pinnacle and Cesar Chavez, the Puma’s record has dropped to 3-1, leaving them in last place in their division. The Pumas have suffered a suspension of about 30 players, both juniors and seniors got punished for breaking a team rule. The Pumas cannot afford to lose another game if they want to have a place in the playoffs this year. The players have to work extra hard in order to bounce back from their defeat last week. “Every win is very important obviously, so any loss is going to count against you in the open division, but we hope it doesn’t,” head coach Preston Jones said. 

Jones has also mentioned that the energy at practice has been really good, the Pumas are still staying strong and not allowing this loss to affect them.

Starting quarterback Chubba Purdy states, “The coaches know a ton and Coach Jones on the offensive side, he’s really smart and everything we do is for a purpose”. 

The coaches work efficiently to help the team succeed and play to the best of their ability. The Puma defense has gotten a new defensive coordinator this year, Coach Abaroa. Having a new defensive coordinator gives the defense a new view on not only how to practice, but how to play harder and stronger in each game.

The Perry defense has been focusing on depth and maintaining a solid defense.

Defensive Backs coach, Carl Curtis, explains the importance of depth in the Puma’s defense: “The most important aspect to have in a team’s defense is probably depth, having depth in a lot of positions and people who know what’s going on and know how to do the little things and know how to communicate and play as a whole defense together is probably the number one thing you can have as a defense.” After the rough past week, and by taking these new strategies into consideration, the Pumas are hoping to secure another win and move up in the division.