Loss of graduates will not stop golf

            Last year, the women’s golf team finished sixth in-state. The women’s golf team is coached by Scott Uyeshiro who is currently in his second year of coaching. One of the teams notable players Malia Uyeshiro competed in the Mary Cave Cup in San Diego. Everyone expects great things from her this season in the starting five, which currently consists of Malia Uyeshiro, Kylie Rehberger, Malerie Nyberg, MaCayela Hanks, and for the first game of the season Dakota Anderson and Alyssa Armstrong. Unfortunately the team has no returning seniors and without the seniors on the team, this leaves four spots open for newcomers. Even without the returning seniors, the team still has its strengths! According to Malerie Nyberg, one of the team’s strengths is their positivity, which she believes will help them return to the state championships. Coach Uyeshiro mentions, “As far as the team goes, the chemistry is one of the strong points.” The team members worked very hard this summer together on their skills. This greatly impacted the team’s ability to work together. While working on their golf skills they all managed to bond and understand their teammates strengths and weaknesses. Knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses will help the team both on and off the course. With the lack of returning members, the real question is, will they make it to state again? According to Coach Uyeshiro,“I believe we will make it to state but it’s going to take a lot of the new players, well, I shouldn’t say new because they were there last year a lot of players need to step up in order for us to make the play-offs.” So this season, it is up to the newcomers to bring women’s golf back to the state championships.