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Running back feature: three-headed monster


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In the entirety of school history, the varsity football team has yet to defeat Chandler High School’s consistently phenomenal varsity football team.  

Chandler and Perry have been rivals for over a decade, however, Perry’s football team became a threat last year after obliterating all competitors in Arizona, except Chandler. This sequence of astonishing and staggering victory became typical for the team. As a result, Perry was able to cruise to the state championships.  

After a nail-biting state championship game and loss against Chandler last year, the Pumas are eager to return and dominate the field at this year’s state championship.

Within the past year, both teams have improved, and each team has their own key players. Most have heard of legendary players such as Chubba Purdy, Brock Purdy, or Colby Dickie, but many tend to overlook the three prominent running backs: Jaden Burns, Peyton Hill, and Jalen Young.  

The trio, nicknamed the three-headed monster, made up of the most vigorous running backs, execute their own techniques and allow Perry to score touchdown after touchdown.

This unique and impressive group has made the team more menacing for opponents. Varsity football head coach Preston Jones elaborates on the trio’s talent by saying, “All three have little different strengths in each category, and so we use that to…help out our offense.” Senior Jaden Burns specializes in catching the ball and plowing across the field to secure the victory. Junior Peyton Hill is a downhill runner who refuses to let anyone become an obstacle.  Lastly, senior Jalen Young proves himself to be a wicked runner by bolting past any challengers and is rarely ever tackled.

In this season alone, the offense has posted unreal rushing numbers of over 3,600 yards and 45 touchdowns. Coach Jones explains how each player is trained to the best of everyone’s abilities to produce an unstoppable offense and defense. The offense and defense are complementary to each other, and work together to ensure that each play is executed effectively and not used to the opposing team’s advantage.

When battling Chandler this Saturday, Coach Jones describes how each team member needs to seize any opportunity available. Competing against Chandler differs from other teams since getting through Chandler’s defense is far from an easy task. Jones says the team needs to remember that, “We’re gonna have to throw the ball in order to open up the run.”

As for the running backs, they will have to remain patient and remember that not every run will not be as sizable as they are used to. The backs will have to combat what the defense deals them until they find a chance to shine and show-off their skills to ensure Perry will break school records and emerge victorious.


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Running back feature: three-headed monster