Girls volleyball preseason review

The sports world is buzzing with activity. With Coach Fred Mann at the helm and seven seniors leading the way, girls volleyball has high hopes for this season. Last season they won 15 games and lost 4, but this season they are prepared to rise up to the challenge and do even better. Four year player, Halle Razo, says, “I just have a really really really good feeling about this season.” She goes on to explain that she believes because of the fact that there are more seniors returning from last year on the team there will be more leadership among the girls and that alone can take them a long ways.

They also have some amazing talent on the team. For example, Kennedy Kaminsky, whose jersey is number twelve, has played her entire high school career. Standing at 6’3 she dominates on the court.

Though they have strong players, Megan Schulte who is a first year varsity player, thinks that it is not the only reason they will have an eventful season. Her face lit up as she talked about how there was no drama on the team and they all have great chemistry which allows the team to, “mesh really well.”

Razo also commented on how they, “gel well together,” which she figures will help the team in the long run. Awesome talent and great friends creates a well equipped machine working in perfect sync.

Coach Mann is very excited for the season and for the girls to show off how much they have grown as players and people. Though they lost a starter from last year, he believes the team is very experienced and will do exceptional. With all of the returning players Mann is planning on, “adding to his coaching techniques.” he imagines this to be a great way to help his players to develop their skills. Varsity did very well last year but he knows they can accomplish more this year by making it further in the playoffs.

The players and Coach have a solid passion for their sport and they are all so excited for the season. Coach Mann is looking forward to the Hamilton game while Razo is thrilled to be making more memories with her team mates. With the big league kind of initiative of the athletes beloved coach and their immense dedication to the game, girls volleyball will exceed this year.