Inaugural lacrosse season makes Perry proud


As the season has continued, more and more supporters have crowded the stadiums at the Pumas Lacrosse games, signaling the team’s growing local popularity.

Senior Pumas member Ben Del Valle said  “the season has been going great this year for our first year in the Pumas Lacrosse program. We’ve entered division 1 and I feel like we have made a huge impact on the league…”

The boys have been playing frequently, against other lacrosse teams at Salpointe, Thunderbird, Chaparral, Pinnacle, and more.

You can find their team on Twitter, where they post photos from games along with game updates.

The team is slowly making its way into the public eye since it is quite uncommon in the suburbs of Ariz.

Senior player Sam Ichrist shared, “since lacrosse isn’t as big over here like it is in the east coast, it’s always great to see how much lacrosse is growing around here.”

The expanding support of lacrosse’s audience is surely helping the boys to perform at their best, especially since more Perry students have been coming out to the games.

The team is hopeful for many wins in the near future, and their work ethic definitely displays their desires for victory.

Assistant coach Manny Del Valle said, “This team has the ability to win out, they just have to believe that they can beat anyone.”

With confidence in themselves and their teammates, the team is capable of achieving their goals, setting them up for triumph.

Ichrist said, “… [W]e have to have solid practices the days before and go over what we are going to do during tough situations…[w]e stay focused and come prepared for the big game so we can show them what Pumas Lacrosse is all about.”

While the team prepares for a big game, such as their game against Chaparral, they are glad to have their teammates close by.

Ben Del Valle explained, “We need unity because we can’t just do it alone. We need the whole team there and we need everyone to be playing at their best.”

Ichrist also described the team as “a family,” saying that they “push each other to the best of [their] abilities and make sure everyone is doing their job to ensure that [they] are all going 110%”.

The team expects more growth and success to come to the Pumas Lacrosse program in the future, and are hopeful that people will become more familiar with the sport and it’s legacy.

In the meantime, one can easily catch one of these rigorous games here at Perry on Saturdays.