Teams loaded with ‘strong swimmers and divers’


Kennedy Wagner

Kaylie Jackson (12) practices her dives at one of the 2016 Perry High School diving practices.

Last year, the Perry Swim and Dive team enjoyed a rewarding season, with the boys’ record running high at 122-61 along with the girls’ record of 106-77.

“It was amazing, it was really a team effort. We have a lot of good swimmers,” says junior Tai Combs, member of the Swim team. Combs participates in the 50 meter freestyle and the 100 meter backstroke.

Senior diver Bailey Davis also reflects on the events of last year’s season. “We have a bunch of strong swimmers and divers. Everyone is a great team- we have a great team here at Perry.”

With the graduation of the Class of 2016, however, comes the loss of notable Puma swimmers.

“All of our seniors that were really good and supported the team unfortunately moved on to college,” Combs elaborates. “They were a big part of the team and definitely contributed to the spirit and we all looked up to them.” Great alumni swimmers and divers include Jake Perrine, Levi Siwek, Taylor Rudd, and Kelci Abernethy.

Nevertheless, with the Class of 2020, the largest class of freshman to date, comes a great deal of untapped and unrefined potential.  Expectations for this upcoming season are running especially high. “Now we have some incoming freshman- I’m really excited how the year’s going to look,” Combs says.

“There’s a lot more people on the team than expected,” adds Davis.

In terms of improvement from last season, coach Stephanie Carrasco has a few thoughts. “I think what we need is more swimmers that are willing to swim year round and be in the water more than just our season- I think that’s the way our program is going to continue being successful.” The swim and dive team had their first meet at Hamilton on Sept. 1.

Principal Dan Serrano also has high hopes for the team and this upcoming season. “I think over the years, Swim and Dive’s gotten better and better. You know, we have a lot of kids out [swimming], so I would expect us to keep improving,” Serrano said.

“This group that we have this year is just really doing well together and working well together,” says Carrasco.

Swim and dive’s next meet takes place at Mesquite High School on Sept. 4 at 4 p.m.