Summer break brings fun vacations


Talya Gabay

Freshman Olivia Warmouth is going on a European cruise over summer break. She has been excitedly waiting for summer break.

As temperatures are rising and finals are nearing, students are excitedly waiting for the long awaited summer break. Most students are eager at the thought of no school work and no expectations, in addition to the added bonus of vacations.

Some students, like sophomore Zoe Matalon, are visiting their family. “I am going to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in Israel. I am going to visit family because my dad’s whole side of the family lives over there. I’m really looking forward to just seeing all my cousins,” said Matalon. “It’s just really special to go because I can only see my family once a year, so I am just really looking forward to it.”

Freshman Olivia Warmouth is traveling with her family. “For two weeks, I’ll be on a European cruise. I am going to be flying into Paris, and I am going to two places in France, three places in Italy, and two places in Spain.” She is most excited “to go to Naples, Italy, especially because it’s really pretty and has great food and scenery.”

Junior Jocelyn Horne has a unique trip planned. “I am going to Maputo, Mozambique in southeastern Africa for a humanitarian trip. We are going to be adding on to an overcrowded hospital; we’re building a maternity ward for them. So, during the week we’re building the hospital and on the weekends we’re going snorkeling and tubing down a river and going on a Safari. The trip is three weeks, and I have like a 16 hour flight to get there,” said Horne. 

A tradition that most seniors take part in is senior trips. As for senior Mason Rosenhan, he is going to “the Dominican Republic, just for my senior trip with my family. [I’m excited for] just hanging out with my family on the beach.”

Others are staying local for summer. “I am staying home for break. I’m really excited to be able to sleep in every morning and to hang out with friends. And really just not having school work to do” said freshman Valerie Pizano. 

As the school year wraps up, one thing that is motivating most is six weeks of zero stress. No matter what your plans are, summer break is something to look forward to as a reward for all the hard work throughout the school year. Enjoy it!