Apple Music Vs. Spotify

The battle between popular music streaming platforms creating industry standards

Apple Music and Spotify are two main streaming music platforms that students use. Both offer around the same tools for their listeners. Each app provides certain features that appeal to their audience. The decision between the two often is just personal preference. 

When were asked if students chose apple music or Spotify, here were their responses:

“I use Spotify because it was cheaper for unlimited listening, but I think Apple Music is better,” said junior Rayce Nichols. 

“I prefer Spotify because they supported Joe Rogan when everyone tried to cancel him. But along with that, I think it is easier to navigate, and I appreciate that they have exclusive podcasts,” said senior Wyatt Lewallen.

“I would choose Spotify because it curates personalized playlists and is more aesthetically pleasing,” said junior Eden Smith. 

“I currently have Apple Music, but I feel like Spotify is better because they recommend music for you, and I need more music. I just do not feel like switching,” said junior Brock Ford. 

“I use Apple Music because I think it is more aesthetically pleasing than Spotify,” said junior Chloe Washburn. 

“I listen to music on Apple Music because there are no ads,” said sophomore Matt Klass. 

“Although I have never tried Apple Music, the majority of my friends have Spotify, so it is easy to share playlists and join collaborative playlists together. I also think the color scheme and interface looks better on Spotify,” said senior Mason Mesias. 

“I prefer Apple Music because it was easier to get started with and log into. Also my mom uses it,” said junior Manhattan Tibbott. 

When it comes to industry standards, Apple Music and Spotify set the standards for streaming platforms. Both of these are the most commonly used streaming services due to their popularity. These two overtake other platforms like Amazon Music, Pandora and Soundcloud.  

Since these platforms are top competitors they are constantly innovating their apps to correspond with the other. At the end of the year Spotify does a wrap up on the year and now apple has picked up on the same thing. As they both develop the other works to catch up. Without this competition, the progression of these apps would never occur.