Band holds concert at Gilbert Regional park


Sophia hawkins

Band holds a concert at Gilbert Reginal park.

This year has been hard for teachers and students to figure out what events can and can not continue with COVID restrictions. Gilbert Regional park was where the band would have hosted their last concert of the year. “…they just built it and it hadn’t been open to the public yet because of the restrictions but then late in March the restrictions were lifted and the park’s outside so we were the first ones to rent the facility, do it out there, and have a nice outdoor venue as opposed to doing it in the stadium,” band director Brandon Kiesgen explained.  

Due to the restrictions, many opportunities were not yet open to students at the beginning of the year. Now that it is the end of the year, more opportunities have presented themselves to band members. “It felt really good because I hadn’t done [band] in a while because my eighth grade year got cut off,” freshman Michael Strazz said. Band is just one of the many extracurricular activities that got postponed till the end of the year to finally have a big event. 

At Gilbert Regional park band students were able to perform what they have been practicing throughout the year of silence. Solos were given to students who show their dedication to the instrument they play. 

“It was really intimidating at first, I remember playing guitar and I missed a couple notes because my hands were shaking but then when I got to my trumpet solos it felt easier and really in the moment,” junior Nico Campbell said. Their solos were just some of the performances that the students got to show their family and friends as a testament to their progress. 

Band members such as Campbell were ecstatic to get to perform at Gilbert Regional Park as they have not had the opportunity in over a year. The concert was a great way to end the year off strong.