Marching band places first at state championships


Meghan McGowan

Senior Folie Eisenhower plays at halftime during the game against Corona del Sol on Sept. 16. The Puma Regiment won AZMBA competition with a score of 88.125.

The Puma Regiment took first place at the annual AZMBA State Championships on Saturday, Nov. 12. The band performed their show entitled “Imprisment,” featuring songs by Imogen Heap, Daft Punk, and songs from the “Stranger Things” soundtrack. Following the event, judges announced a winning score of 88.125 to the band.

Drum major junior Alexis Taylor recalls the profound emotions following the win. “We felt awesome about our performance, and that’s what’s most important… But then to have that score and the first place kind of validate that, it just made it all the more better,” recalled Taylor.

The band began rehearsing their set for the championships prior to the beginning of the school year. Flute player junior Audree Davis retells the feeling of the hours of dedication and work being justified by the first place title. “We just erupted, it was so crazy. It was actually a very tense awards ceremony,” said Davis.

Taylor expresses how proud the team felt following the score announcements, and how they celebrated with one another. “There was a lot of crying, and hugging, and taking pictures,” said Taylor, describing the group’s celebrations after the scores had been reported.

Senior Abigail Connors has been playing clarinet in the marching band for all four of her years in high school. “It felt really good to finally have something really substantial to happen for all of our hard work,” said Connors.

As the marching band season comes to a close, this first place title represents a validation of the efforts and hours of work from the band members.