Spice up Christmas presents with these personalized gifts


In the Etsy shop CMKreations you can buy personalized name rings made by Crystalina Hopkins.

Christmas can be a stressful time but figuring out what to get friends and loved ones should not add to the stress. Etsy has many shops featuring small business owners with an array of different and reasonably priced gifts.


When buying for parents it can be difficult to know what they would like. Some parents do not ever express anything they want. If there is no money to spend, a heartfelt card would bring most parents to tears, but if you are willing to spend a little money, there are a few things they will generally love. 

Mugs are a great gift for adults; in the store, ImprintToday mugs can be personalized with any image that can be found for only $8.99. For the mother figure in your life, a letter necklace from BELKYmood with their initial or your initial is a simplistic necklace that she can get a lot of wear out of. 


When buying for your partner it is all about the sentiment of the gift and anything with photos are the best presents. Creating a book of your favorite memories, and writing a heartfelt note alongside is a sweet present. It may take a bit of time but the thought will bring them a feeling of being cared about. However, if you want something professionally made. Spotify playlist plaques are a popular gift that can be made yourself or purchased from a store such as DesignedbyLahnz. Rings or key chains with your partner’s name on it is another personalized gift that brings sentiment to the present. Personalized name rings can be found in the store CMKreations and key chains in AGiftFromAtlantaLane


Buying for a friend can be simple, as long as the gift is tailored to them and their personality. A gift basket may seem cheesy at first, but it has the potential to be a creative and special gift. First, start off with their favorite color then get items of that color, such as food, drinks, books (if they enjoy that), and even fun fluffy socks for the holidays. Adding photos with you and your friend into the basket will add a personal touch. If you are interested in a simple gift that still gives a personalized touch, a t-shirt relating to their favorite tv show or movie would more than suffice. Maybe it is a reference that is an inside joke between the two of you or something they just love.


During times of COVID-19, gift ideas would not be complete without mask inspiration. As long as they are safe enough to wear a special design will make it a little easier to keep a mask on every day. For sports lovers there is Annieclothingshop, and for those who want to personalize their own, there is MHEveryday.

With holidays being a little different, the littlest things will mean a whole lot to a person, and as cheesy as it sounds, even the simplest of presents will mean the world to someone this year.