Cheers to a quality 17 years of videos


Throughout the past couple of years, Youtube’s growing rate is at a slow decline. Youtube’s users are now in favor of apps such as TikTok.

In this day and age of Netflix, HBO, Disney+, and Hulu many of Youtubers watchers have forgotten about the video platform that they once used to love. On top of that, Youtube is objectively not the same as many of us remember it to be. The largest reason for this could be that there is only so much content Youtubers can release until it becomes too repetitive. Also, some of the biggest Youtubers struggle to use their creative minds to push out new video ideas. 

Exponentially, the growth rate for Youtube is decreasing by 3% every consecutive year since its birth back in 2005. Even though it is still growing in watchers there is evidence to suggest that it’s not consistently growing at the same rate.

For example, renowned Youtuber Emma Chamberlain has used Youtube for her entertaining vlogs for over 6 years now. 6 years is enough time to watch her progress over her content, but recently she has moved away from posting weekly and now her watchers are lucky if they even get a single video from her in the time span of a month. 

Chamberlain as well as a few other Youtubers have gone over two months without  pushing out a new video, which leaves fans and users not ecstatic for the future of Youtube. Over the last couple of years the fan base and audience has slowly decreased and it has been noticed that many people have started to uninstall Youtube from their phones. 

Not only is this a matter of opinion, but in some of her most recent videos Chamberlain has apologized to her fans numerous times for releasing repetitive or unentertaining content. Now whether or not fans are enjoying her videos is up for debate but what is true is that Youtube is not as lively as it has been in it’s younger years of running. 

The concept that Youtube is slowly dying is a broad statement. As of currently, Youtube still stands as one of the most popular streaming network systems receiving billions of dollars in revenue per year.

Strategically, Youtube expanded their platform and now users can get access to Youtube TV to browse some of their favorite channels. Also, almost all streaming services such as HBO max are included within Youtube TV for an additional charge.

It is a fact that Youtube is a success but from many of its users’ perspective they have found that they are slowly extracting themselves from using their platform. It is a possibility that Youtube could die out soon due to the increasing level of competition. With the rising app, Tiktok, more people would rather find themselves scrolling through short entertaining videos than watching the average videos one would typically find on Youtube. 

There happens to be some Youtubers who are still making a living through their own personally designed videos. However, keeping their audience around has become harder than ever. Some of the most relevant Youtubers have all slowly left the platform due to growing up and aging out of their Youtube era. An example of this is the Merrel Twins, which one of twins is now getting married and their focus has fallen on something that is not Youtube. 

Essentially, throughout the years Youtube has had some of the biggest highlights in social media history. Despite its current success, many factors have come into play that can be responsible for its slow, declining growth as a platform.