Stress upon stress: working as a teen


The teenage era of someone’s life lasts for eight years, minuscule to the 72 years the average person lives. During those eight years, 7,602 hours of them are spent at school. Time is limited, and spending that valued time on a job only causes problems. 

School work is piled on a teenager with the expectation that it will be done the next day. What if that student works at minimum, a five hour shift (4-9 pm) right after school? How is that student able to finish an assignment and get the recommended amount of sleep for their age? It is not possible and will cause overbearing amounts of stress if students try to work.

With this stress, students will take their jobs second to their grades. Unlike most of the working population, Adults rely on their work for a living. The average income of a Target employee is $30,000 a year, enough to support a family of two. Work is not necessary for a teenager as it is for a less fortunate adult.

Furthermore, often when family, friends, and school take priority over work there are repercussions. These store owners depend deeply on their employees to keep their business growing. So when a teenage employee comes in two hours late for their morning shift, the store loses customers to the lack of employee care. People can only demand so much from teenagers; thus, hiring them in the first place is not a good idea and can solve problems for both the employee and the employer.

But for a teen, having a job is just as hard. Most jobs are only hiring at 18 and require some sort of higher education. These teenagers who are desperate for gas money will look for whatever job comes their way. Thus the working conditions and pay can be horrible but still be wanted by so many teens. Students do not realize that in the working world, their job should take priority over anything. However, students need to do good at school and create a social life for themselves which is almost impossible with a job. The overbearing amount of stress is not worth it for the little benefits that come from working.

Store owners are usually older, more mature, adults and any ways they can get money they will take, even if that means taking advantage of a teenager. Shifts can render as high as 10 hours a day. Manipulating these students is an often occurrence and can rarely be avoided with any work place.

Working is not meant for teenagers just as much as high school is not meant for adults. The job world was designed for people who will give it their all and make it a priority which teenagers can not do.