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Stress upon stress: working as a teen

Stress upon stress: working as a teen

Presley Plant, Managing Editor January 14, 2022

The teenage era of someone’s life lasts for eight years, minuscule to the 72 years the average person lives. During those eight years, 7,602 hours of them are spent at school. Time is limited, and spending...

Controversial required ACT practice develops mixed feelings

Controversial required ACT practice develops mixed feelings

Presley Plant, Staff Reporter December 14, 2021

Good ACT scores result in more money for schools; thus, bad ACT scores means schools will be limited to a small budget. The high reliance on better test scores determines much more than money (where the...

Volleyball players practicing their true and accurate form. Badminton players take up the big gym on Mondays restricting volleyball players to do full extensions in their drills.

Indoor sports conflict over limited gym space

Presley Plant, Managing Editor November 15, 2021

Recurring conflict because of gym space has been a problem. In the past soccer players had to share the field with the football players; however, with their season ending, badminton and volleyball have...

The staff of Newspaper 2020-2021 gather together for a staff group photo.

Staff editorial 2020

Alexander Connors, Web Editor December 16, 2020

You have probably heard it about a thousand times now, 2020 has been a crazy year if not the worst in a while. The year started with conflicts that have always been around to ending the year in a global...

There are many ways to listen to your favorite podcasts!

Lending an ear to podcasts

Kyler Allred, Staff Reporter September 21, 2020

Lending an ear to podcasts Whether in the car or at home, audiences often indulge themselves by listening to a nice entertaining podcast that can discuss numerous things. After looking into a few of...

Students share motivation for school work

Jessica Lee, Staff Reporter April 20, 2020

The new grading system has brought controversy to the school district. Many students and parents are wondering, “What’s the point?” If the work students do or do not complete does not affect their...

StuGo advisor, admin suspend spirit days for the remainder of year

Kenna Cassey, Staff reporter May 20, 2019

Spirit days have been put on a hiatus by StuGo advisor Lerina Johnson and administration as a result of the MAGA controversy that occurred during the American-themed day on Mar 1. StuGo was asked to suspend...

Senioritis takes final toll in the last weeks of school

Senioritis takes final toll in the last weeks of school

Kendall MacGregor, Staff Reporter May 26, 2017

Every spring season the same illness spreads throughout the graduating class like rapid fire. The symptoms of this illness can be caught early on around the fall, however this disease has no treatable...

Staying in state offers comfort

Ellie Wendt, Staff Reporter May 19, 2017

There's no place like home. What better time than college to apply this valuable life lesson? Today many students are faced with countless college opportunities. Ranging from those fortunate enough to...

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, approximately 20 percent of young adults from age 13-18 experience severe mental disorders in a given year.

School lacks protocol regarding illness

Valerie Burgess and Sarah Lankford December 14, 2015

As a society, we raise awareness for diseases that can be seen. We walk around a track for several hours throughout the night for cancer, or we come together in a community event to sell pastries to support...

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