Best burrito option for hectic mornings


School starts early in the morning, and for many that means limited time to eat breakfast. Some just skip it altogether, but there is an easy solution to consuming the most important meal of the day; breakfast burritos. Papa Chevo’s Taco Shop, Salad and Go, and Rita’s Burritos are just a few options. And although the last two are at least 10 minutes away, they have a multitude of burritos to choose from. Even more pleasing, their prices. 

Papa Chevo’s on Val Vista and Queen Creek is a popular spot for students and has options ranging from ham and chorizo to sausage and bacon. The tastiest has to be the ham which is a classic for anyone that is not a fan of more unhealthy meats like sausage or chorizo. The most important aspect of these burritos is that they are always consistent taste-wise. At the price of $6.25, the breakfast burritos at Papa Chevo’s are sold all day which makes it convenient for a before and/or after school meal. 

Over at Salad and Go, although they specialize in salads, people would be surprised to find out that their breakfast burritos are arguably better than their healthy options. The menu of burritos goes beyond your typical ham, cheese, and egg. They have a Fiesta burrito which consists of egg, potatoes, turkey sausage, pepper jack cheese, pico de gallo, and tortilla chips. This new twist on breakfast burritos was filling for the surprisingly low price of $2.99. The only downside is that they are sold at limited hours (during the week from 6:30 am-10:30 am and on the weekends from 7:00 am-11:00 am). Salad and Go did a good job of quick service and creating a burrito that explored new ingredients that are rarely found in such an affordable burrito. 

Rita’s Burritos are very unique because they include an ingredient that is not normally seen in a burrito; hash browns. Unlike Papa Chevo’s and Salad and Go, Rita’s Burritos has three different options for breakfast burritos and they are not technically considered for breakfast because they are served all day. The hash browns, as mentioned before, are not in your average burrito and should stay away from them in the future. The texture of the burrito was off and it’s safe to say that chorizo, eggs, and hash browns should not be eaten together. This $4.65 burrito’s ingredients are better as individuals rather than together.

Overall, Salad and Go checked off all of the essential requirements for a high school student’s breakfast. Cheap prices, tried-and-true Mexican salsas, and many locations. With school starting at 7:25 am a quick drive-thru just 10 minutes away is convenient and worth it.