COVID-19 ruins Senior year

Senior year- you have finally made it after years of being an underclassmen. You cannot wait to get a half day and participate in senior activities. Then, all of a sudden, a global pandemic strips away any chance you have at participating in your senior year and ruins your spirit.

Well, that is exactly how I felt once COVID-19 started. Covid began towards the end of my junior year, and I never would have expected it to last this long. I wanted to have my entire senior year, without the masks, and graduate with a bang.

Unfortunately, it does not appear like this school year will be anything similar to last year. Ironically, when I was younger, I yearned to be homeschooled, to have that experience. Of course, now that I want to be in school the most, I cannot be.

I am a very social person; I enjoy being with others learning. Being in school keeps me focused and on task, while being in my own home and doing school is much more difficult for me. I live in a family of five and two dogs, one just being a little over two months old.

It is not hard to imagine how distracting it is for me to get anything done. In addition to staying focused, being online school does not seem completely real to me, it is kind of hard to explain. It feels like the classwork is not required, because I am not in the correct setting.

I keep on trying and giving it my best when it comes to school, but I have realized that online school is definitely not for me. I am overly excited to go back, and to get somewhat of a normal school year, to finish off my four years at Perry.

Although it will not be the same, and the experience will feel much different, just being able to walk into school knowing that I am the senior, the oldest class out of everyone, is a feeling that will not change no matter the given circumstances.